#ClallamTogether: Earth Day comes home & goes virtual

Dear Community Members/Organizations/Businesses/Groups and Allies:

As Wednesday, April 22, the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, approaches, we find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances, as the urgent, evolving challenges of the coronavirus pandemic call on people everywhere to respond to one another and to our shifting circumstances with courage, compassion, ingenuity and open hearts. 

And though our ways of connecting with one another have shifted, Earth itself remains our constant home. 

In this disturbing flux, community activists, neighborhoods, organizations and businesses in Clallam County are joining as #ClallamTogether to observe “Earth Week” — Saturday April 18 to Saturday April 25 — and are inviting you to join in finding ways to share our care for our community and our concern for each other as we celebrate Earth, this amazing planet we all call home.

We’re gathering ideas for celebrations, demonstrations, education and service projects, ways to share art and creativity, practical tips about new home habits, innovative forms of advocacy — and opportunities for fun, entertainment and a sense of community. We’re sharing these ideas and offerings so that families, clubs, interest groups and individuals can join in — while still following the social distance guidelines and safety practices mandated by our state and local health authorities. 

Most of the activities presented here are open to everyone.

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us in honoring the Earth! If you or your organization have a project, a demonstration or a commitment to action planned during Earth Week 2020, RSVP so we can add your plans to the roster of local activities that will be posted on the Olympic Climate Action website. The website will showcase your activities and offerings so that others can join with you, either virtually or from their own homes. You will also be able to report updates and record your results with photos, video links, etc. on the website.

So far, planned activities include:

“Challenge of 50s”

Individuals, (virtual) groups or families are invited to choose an “Act of 50” that supports the healing of our Earth. For example:

  • Bike 50 miles during Earth Week
  • Plant 50 native plants or 50 edibles in your garden
  • Write 50 letters supporting Earth-worthy causes
  • Pick a candidate or organization championing the environment, and donate $50 or pledge to make 50 phone calls or write 50 postcards or send 50 texts for them
  • For more ideas, see: 11 actions for the planet during a pandemic

Think of the possibilities! Let your creativity run wild as you, your friends, neighbors and families explore the fun in becoming a Clallam County “Earth Hero!” This friendly competition has no cash prizes or shiny trophies, just the joy of engaging for a worthy cause — plus endless bragging rights, of course! 

If you’re inspired to join in the good-natured not-quite competition, submit your 50 Challenge pledge to olyclimate@olyclimate.org to be included in the Challenge Participants list.   

“Life Hack” videos

Make a short video showing an earth-stewarding action you’d like others to know about. We will upload these onto a #ClallamTogether video channel which we’ll link to from our website. Here’s an example:

Earth-Care Art

Liberate your creativity in ways that fit you! Join one of these projects or create your own! Send JPEG photos to olyclimate@olyclimate.org and we’ll post your creations to our gallery.

  • Here is a link to our #ClallamTogether logo in a format suitable to print at 8 ½ x 11” (or larger), color, cut to shape, rotate so the mountains are up, and post in your window. Send us a picture!
  • Create a poster that depicts your vision for Earth-caring planetary life, viewpoint and/or action — with words or only visuals. Express what stirs you about our Earth and the precariousness of Life upon it.
  • Create a letter for a virtual group banner: We have already created and posted one such crowd-sourced banner, and plans for others are emerging. To join, contact us at olyclimate@olyclimate.org.

Webinar on the Border Wall – More Information

Thursday, April 23, 7pm. On zoom.us, meeting ID: 972 0690 8213, Password: 600853, or call in at (253) 215-8782. Join biologist Carolyn Wilcox and attorney Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin for a presentation on how the southern border wall is destroying desert ecosystems and indigenous sites in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, with a waiver of environmental and cultural resources law, and how this same legal framework could be used on federal lands in Washington State. Free, with a request to please donate to the Center for Biological Diversity, at https://biologicaldiversity.org/

Bell-ringing on Earth Evening

April 22: At 7 pm, everyone in the whole community is invited to step outside and ring any kind of bells you may have: wind chimes, kitchen timers, phone alarms, bicycle bells…even wooden spoons on pots and pans can ring out! Making a big, celebratory community ruckus is a great way to join together on what we hope will be a lovely spring evening.

Clallam Tree Alliance

Clallam Tree Alliance has free shrubs and trees to give you in celebration of Earth Day! All we ask is that you share a photo of a remarkable tree, shrub or plant on our Facebook page, and you can choose a plant from our inventory for delivery or pickup for your garden. Together, we hope to strengthen our understanding and appreciation of our community’s trees and forests. 

Create your own activity

See https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-tips/. Tell us about your event, action, art, or other offering. Send the details (name, date, time, location, sponsoring group) under the hashtag #ClallamTogether to olyclimate@olyclimate.org. Include any text you want to in your invitation, as well as photos, links, email addresses, etc. We don’t want anyone to miss a thing!

Share your passion!

As Earth Week unfolds, please send us a report on your experiences and actions. Include photos or videos.

Stay tuned for more ideas and details as Earth Week approaches.

Spread the word about our community’s earth-affirming activities and events to your friends, neighbors, groups and other contacts, using Facebook, Twitter, Map Your Neighborhood, Instagram, NextDoor, or any other social media you use.

We look forward to celebrating Earth Week 2020 with you. And if you or a friend would like to help with organizing and planning, please let us know.

In joyful solidarity, #ClallamTogether organizing committee:
Hilary Powers, Compassion Clallam County
Marilyn O’Neill-Eash, Interfaith Community of Clallam County
Arleen Jenson, SisterLand Farms
Elizabeth Christian, Interfaith Earthcare Coalition
Christeal Milburn, Clallam Tree Alliance
Michael Clemens, Jodi Riverstone, Julia Smith, Ed Chadd, Olympic Climate Action

Clallam County, Washington State, U.S.A., territories of the chalá·at (Hoh), kʷoʔlí·yot’ (Quileute), qʷidiččaʔa·tx̌ (Makah), nəxʷsƛ̕áy̕əm̕  (Klallam), & t͡ʃə́mqəm (Chimacum) peoples

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