OCA Stands Opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline

In solidarity with Indigenous communities, farmers and ranchers along the route, OCA is sending our protest banner to the Governors of Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska demanding they stop all pre-construction activity.


The movement against the Keystone XL Pipeline has successfully stopped the Trump Administration and TC Energy, aka TransCanada, from building this climate-destroying tar sands pipeline for years. But right now, amidst COVID-19, TC Energy is moving forward with plans to break ground on construction. While so many of us are sacrificing so much to protect our communities, TC Energy is planning to bring thousands of workers near Indigenous communities and rural towns that are already vulnerable to the spread of the coronavirus with little access to healthcare facilities. Such blatant disregard for public health and safety is sadly to be expected from a company who would build such a life-destroying pipeline in the first place. We must act now and come together to demand TC Energy halt any construction.

‘Cancel KXL’ petition

Promise to Protect

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