Hot Off the Wire — 7/24/2020

Position Announcement:

Washington State Climate Assembly
Program Assistant

The Climate Assembly Washington Initiating Team is looking for excellent candidates to serve as Program Assistant for the first-ever “Citizens’ Climate Assembly”
in the United States!

Flu Virus Resources

  • A Walk to Remember
  • This is Us
  • The Princess Bride’s “inconceivable” remake

— A Grist Series

Baseball’s Stadium Workers Are Getting Peanuts From the Billionaire Owners
When baseball shut down, 39,000 stadium workers lost their jobs, and the MLB has done little to help them out. — The Nation


A message from Sierra Club President, Ramon Cruz, announcing a forum on systemic racism in the history of the Sierra Club.

An idiot’s guide to tyranny: Some thoughts about Timothy’s Snyder’s ‘On Tyranny’ — The Berkshire Edge

“Americans today are no wiser than the Europeans who saw democracy yield to fascism, Nazism, or communism in the twentieth century. Our one advantage is that we might learn from their experience. Now is a good time to do so.”
6. Watch out for the paramilitaries. When the pro-Leader paramilitary and the official police and military intermingle, the game is over.”
— Timothy Snyder, from ‘On Tyranny’ | 2017

The Original article from Mr. Snyder’s Facebook Page

Trump’s Occupation of American Cities
Has Begun
Protesters are being snatched from the streets without warrants. Can we call it fascism yet?
— The New York Times | Opinion or

Portland officials decry
aggressive tactics of federal agents in their city

By Emily Gillespie, Devlin Barrett, Katie Shepherd and Mark Berman
–The Washington Post

Trump’s agents are sweeping peaceful citizens off the streets.
This is not America.

By Ruth Marcus — The Washington Post

Portland mayor tear gassed
after speaking with protesters

We must take action for the
people of Portland right now
Message your Member of Congress!

Healthcare vs. Military Spending, by Country

Isreal has the highest rate of military spending per capita, and has the distinction of being the only country on this list to invest more in defense than in healthcare.

6 Badass Acts of Resistance
Erased From History

There are entire generations of social justice activists and environmental protectors that we don’t learn about in school.
Yes Magazine —


A Brief (and Frustrating) History of the
Carbon Footprint

“Minimum Viable Planet” is a weeklyish commentary about climateish stuff, and how to keep it together in a world gone mad. This week, on blame-shifting.


Week 35: Find a moment this week to be awed by nature
Take part: July 26–Aug. 1, 2020

“Eat to Live” Blog by Dr.Furhman
Save C02, save money, save your lives

Oats cost:
$0.89/pound as thick rolled oats at Sunny Farms;
$5.00/pound in the form of Cheerios at Safeway.

Government advice on diets
ignores climate change

“If we fail to rein in emissions, the catastrophic climate change that will follow will undermine attempts to tackle the other (food systems) dimensions we care about.” — Food Weekly

Regional Actions

Webinars on Demonstration Safely

Keeping yourself healthy and safe at a protest
Thursday, July 29th, 7-9pm

De-escalation/Peacekeeper training
Sunday, August 2nd, 11am-1pm

Community Solar Basics:
Consumers (Episode 1)
Project Development (Episode 3)
July 29 at 4:00 PDT

New nationwide case to protect public health and clean water rights

Join the Virtual Rally to Stop the Trans Mountain Pipeline
Thursday, July 23rd at 2pm PDT– Rainforest Action Network

Tell insurers to drop Trans Mountain —
Trans Mountain must secure insurance by August 31st

Tell Liberty Mutual, No Trans Mountain Pipeline!
— Rainforest Action Network

National Actions

Zurich is now the third insurer to drop the Trans Mountain pipeline
since we stepped up our pressure just a couple months ago
Add your voice Now! —

Monday, 27 July 2020
5:00 – 6:30 pm PDT

Stop Fossil Fuel Development On Public Lands! — NRDC

We must take action for the
people of Portland right now
Message your Member of Congress!

EVERY GIFT DOUBLED: Protect Public Lands from Fossil Fuel Development!

Local/Regional News

The City of Portland, Oregon, recently passed The Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF), the nation’s first successful climate justice ballot initiative

City of Port Angeles Climate Change Resilience Plan
Request for Proposals

Voters Candidates Forum of July 16
Patti Morris & Rick Paschall

National/International News

Stories from the Youth Climate Movement in the Global South — Yes Magazine

Where Will Everyone Go?
ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine, with support from the Pulitzer Center, have for the first time modeled how climate refugees might move across international borders. This is what we found.

Beyond the Bag Challenge — OPENIDEO

How might we transport goods from retailer to destination in a way that is compatible with diverse retail systems, delivers ease and convenience for customers, and reduces environmental impact?

Huge win for clean air,
our climate, and communities

The New York Times

Gas Flaring and Preterm Births

Also this week, a corruption case in Ohio that’s all about energy

Climate in Politics

Climate Action Voters – July Conversation
Winning an Environmental Majority in the Senate
Featuring Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham
Tuesday, July 28 at 1 pm PT

The DNC has released its draft platform, and it needs work on science,
clean energy jobs, fossil fuel finance, and cars.
Let’s tell them to make the platform stronger on climate.
— Climate Hawks Vote

Upcoming Washington State Energy Strategy Advisory Committee Group Discussion Sessions

Weekly Clean Energy Transformation Act Bulletin

2020 Census: Everyone Counts
Learn more about what you can do to promote participation where you live.


Baby Beluga
for Climate Mobilization
Last week Raffi released a 40th anniversary rendition of the song with music legend Yo-Yo Ma in a new video and soon to be released song whose proceeds will benefit The Climate Mobilization!

Category: Burning Worlds

author and scholar
Matthew Schneider-Mayerson

Nan Bray is an oceanographer and climate scientist
who has farmed superfine merinos near Oatlands since 2000
  1. Carbon dioxide:
    Nature’s tiny solar panels
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Galileo Fixes Everything
  4. A Silver Lining
  5. If You Don’t Like the Heat,
    Get Out of the Kitchen
  6. Rainfall, Evaporation and Desertification
  7. Runoff and Water Supplies

This is a series I’m writing on climate change for our local monthly newspaper.
I wanted to go back to the basics of the science behind climate change. Nan

A Platform for Creative Exchange

Creative Summit & Fundraiser Replays
available through July 26!

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