OCA Signs Letter to Gov. Inslee for Whales

41 Organizations Ask Governor Inslee to Oppose
Roberts Bank Terminal 2 near Vancouver, BC

Read the letter to Governor Inslee | August 20, 2020

E-MAIL language and links to include in your own letter

Ask Governor Inslee to say YES to Southern Resident orcas & NO to a new terminal less than a mile from WA State!

Get more information about the Roberts Bank Terminal 2

Impact Assessment Agency of Canada: Project application review process

Federal Review Panel Report for the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project:

Raincoast Conservation Foundation video and background info:

Protect the Fraser Estuary – reject Terminal 2 expansion

Terminal 2 Backgrounder: Impacts to Fraser Chinook salmon

Terminal 2 Backgrounder: Impacts on Southern Resident killer whales

Canada’s National Observer: “Environment Minister says he needs to be convinced shipping terminal won’t harm endangered killer whales”

The Narwhal: “Roberts Bank: Ottawa should reject a terminal expansion that puts human and environmental health at risk”

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