Hot Off the Wire — 10/1/2020

COVID Resources

Smoke and COVID-19 drove us inside — but the air in there wants to kill you
The perils of breathing in 2020. — Grist


America’s Plastic Hour Is Upon Us — The Atlantic
The country is at a low point. But we may be on the cusp of an era of radical reform that repairs our broken democracy.

Froma Harrop: Climate crisis denial starts at the top
President Donald Trump said, “I don’t think science knows.”

Provocative and illuminating essays from women
at the forefront of the climate movement

Vanessa Nakate: America Must Lead on Climate Change

What’s the Future of the Carbon Tax? — Yes! Magazine
A tax on CO2 emissions was long seen as a critical tool for tackling climate change. But it may be time for something bigger.


Week 44: Make sure you and three friends are registered to vote.
Take part: Sept. 27–Oct. 3, 2020

Visualizing the Range of EVs on Major Highway Routes
How far will an EV take you, and which vehicles are the most cost-effective per mile?

Regional Actions

Tell the Army Corps: KXL Is a Risk to Our Water and Communities —
Deny the 404 Permit! — Sierra Club

Can you join us on Friday, October 2nd at 11-1230 PST / 2-330 EST for an Online Rally to hold the funders of tar sands accountable? —

Will you make a donation today and help us take the Trump administration to court to protect the Western Arctic? —

Climate on Tap series at FinnRiver is continuing on Zoom for now
This month’s topic is “Truth in 10”, Al Gore’s slide show on climate change! 
October 5 | 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
For further information email Laura Tucker

Register today for WCV’s Virtual Breakfast of Champions on October 7 at noon.

National Actions

Check out our Senate Scorecard and House Scorecard to find out how your members voted during the 116th Congress. It’s time to hold them accountable
— Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund

Will you RSVP now to join us on Wednesday, October 7th at 5pm PT/8pm ET for this live training webinar on how we can make sure everyone’s vote is counted in this election? —

Amazon Watch

Local/Regional News

Lower Snake River Dams not critical – clean energy solutions will cover peak demand and protect salmon

U.S. Department of Agriculture Releases Final Environmental Impact Statement
for the Alaska Roadless Rule

Save the Date
Sightline’s Latest Original Work

Climate Disasters
Are Leaving Families With Nowhere to Go
In Oregon, the wildfires are colliding
with a housing crisis.

National/International News

We’ve run out of names for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season — CNN
We’ve run through the alphabet of named storms and on to Greek letters for only the second time since the naming of storms began in 1953.

We are excited to present our Free
International Art Contest
for kids ages 3 to 18

When Institutions Fail Us, People Power Remains — Yes! Magazine

The New York Times

Getting climate into the presidential debates


Climate disruption is here. Now what?

Climate in Politics

Vote Like the Planet Depends on It—Because It Does | Bill McKibben
— Yes! Magazine

Frontline on PBS — The Choice 2020 — Trump vs. Biden

Young evangelicals used to be skeptical of climate change.
Not anymore. And we’re voting.


This four-part series examines how easy it is to hack your mind and what you can do — PBS
Episodes 1-3 are available here

Nan Bray is an oceanographer and climate scientist
who has farmed superfine merinos near Oatlands since 2000
  1. Carbon dioxide:
    Nature’s tiny solar panels
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Galileo Fixes Everything
  4. A Silver Lining
  5. If You Don’t Like the Heat,
    Get Out of the Kitchen
  6. Rainfall, Evaporation and Desertification
  7. Runoff and Water Supplies
  8. Of Drought and Flooding Rains
  9. A Sunburnt Country

Note to Yarns from the Farm readers: This is the final regular article in a series on climate change that I’m writing for our local monthly newsletter, the Southern Midlands Regional News (SMRN). There will be a recap article in the next issue, that reviews the whole series. Previous articles can be found in the preceding Yarns from the Farm. The image above was taken after a major fire went through my property in January 2016. And a note to my non-Australian readership: this title and the previous one are taken from a much-loved poem, My Country, written by Australian Dorothea Mackellar at the age of 19, at the turn of the last century.

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