An update talk by local climate activist and scientist Bob Larsen

Climate Warming: Impact of COVID-19 and Latest Developments
November 12, 2020

You can listen to the audio recording here

What are the latest developments in our understanding of climate science and the development of policies and technologies to lessen the effects of Climate Warming? As a follow-up to my series of in-depth presentations last Autumn, I will make about an hour update presentation on Zoom November 12th discussing:

  • the state of Climate Warming now and for the rest of the decade 
  • the impact of COVID-19 on Climate Warming 
  • signs of the impact of higher temperatures on the planet now
  • new carbon-reducing remediation technologies, and 
  • what this all means for people here and around the world. 

Although it’s easy to get overwhelmed by doom and gloom reports on this critical evolving condition, I will spend about half of my talk on hopeful developments and signs that we can and will come to grips with the results of our over-reliance on fossil fuels. Cleaner, more renewable sources of energy are less expensive and more widely available, and solutions to vexing problems in key segments of our economy are emerging all the time. It will take concerted effort over decades to limit the damage from Climate Warming that is already happening, but we can take important steps to make it easier and cheaper to address this life-threatening crisis by everyone playing their part and acting now. 

You can listen to the audio recording here

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