Hot Off the Wire — 2/12/2021

COVID Cautious or Anti-vaxxer. Circle area graph.

Who wants the vaccine?
And who doesn’t?
— Visual Capitalist

Red and White striped cake with 100 candles.

We reach a small milestone with this 100th Edition of HOtW

COVID Resources


South Korea is planning the world’s largest offshore wind farm

Providing 8.2 gigawatts of power, enough to power 2.7 million American homes.
— Reuters

GM’s Super Bowl Ad Starts an EV Twitter War
— EV News

Two planned factories that will supply Ford and Volkswagen with batteries for their U.S. electric vehicle models are under threat
— The Wall Street Journal

ASU 2021 Sustainability Solution Festival
Webinar Series

Registration open for all four sessions.

Four Mondays, March, 1, 8, 22, 29
10:15 am to 11:15 am PT

Why “Solarpunk” Gives Me Hope for a More Sustainable Future

What is ‘Solarpunk’ and how do I participate?
— Yes! Magazine

 Existential Toolkit for Climate Educators Discussion Series

“Exploring new ideas for telling climate change stories”

Friday, February 19 at 9:00 am PTJoin
Passcode: 961001

Regional Actions

Washington Environmental Council

Tell the legislature we need clean homes and buildings! Take action.
Tell your Senator to oppose teh orca protection loophole! Take Action.
Push forward a bold new vision for salmon and commuities. Take Action.

Stop Poisoning Us: #NoDrillingWhereWereLiving

No Drilling where we're Living. Oil pump jack next to pedestrians.

Raven Trust Logo

Webinar: From the Grassroots to the Courts

Learn how the crime of ecocide could become an instrument for grassroots land defenders
Tuesday, February 16 at 4 pm PT

Stop Ecocide Canada. Partnered with Raven.

People for Climate Action

Cities Climate Action Summit IV: 
Saturday, February 20th | 9:30 am

Cities Climate Action Summit V:  

Saturday, February 27th | 9:30 am

Supplies for Water Protectors to STOP LINE 3

Northfield Against Line 3. Funds 4 pipeline interveners. Four cartoonish characters holding banner.
— 350 Seattle

Combat Misinformation: Spread the Word that
Electric Vehicles are an Important Climate Solution

Twitter or Facebook or Instagram

Union of Concerned Scientists. Science for a Healthy Planet and Safer World. With left brace symbol.

Stand up for Science

READ: The Scientific Integrity Act’s Reintroduction
LISTEN:  A Roadmap to Restoring Federal Science
ACT: President Biden Has Pledged to Listen to Scientists—Make Sure He Hears from You

We Need a Clean & Just Transportation System!

Clean & Just Transportation for Washington. Bus, bicycle, street.
— The Climate Alliance

Electric Vehicle Batteries

Addressing Questions about Critical Materials and Recycling

National Actions

Tell Congress: End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Stop the Money Pipeline logo

Tell Banks: Defund Line 3

Send a direct email to CEOs now.

Urge Natixis, UBS, Societe Generale to stop financing Amazon Crude oil

You’re invited to join Greenpeace Fund Executive Director Annie Leonard for a Greenpeace Live audio townhall

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 1 pm PS

Ferrero is destroying rainforests for you!
— Rainforest Action Network

Ferrero, You're Breaking our Candy Hearts. Looks like a postage stamp.

Amazon Watch logo. An eye with the globe as the eyeball.

Tell Natixis and UBS to Stop Financing the Amazon Oil Trade!

Local/Regional News

GOP congressman pitches $34 billion plan to breach Lower Snake River dams in new vision for Northwest
— The Seattle Times

Oregon Lawmakers Seek to Reverse Timber Tax Cuts That Cost Communities Billions
— ProPublica

Free the Snake. Drone photo of Kayaktivists with sign.

Support Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) just released a historic proposal.
— Columbia Riverkeeper

ENNIS – A Creek Worth Saving

A film by John Gussman

Timber Wars’ bonus episode: Wildfire

Take a deep dive into OPB’s reporting on wildfire and what we should do about it.

To Develop Climate Resilience, We Need to Look at Indigenous Communities
— The Bull & Bear – McGill’s Student-run News Magazine

Prairie Island Indian Community selects consultants for net-zero project

Two Native American firms will be technical consultants on $46 million energy project.

Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline. Good, but he doesn’t get a climate pass just yet

Our survival utterly depends on living in nature, not apart from it,’ Indigenous rights advocate says
— The Globe and Mail

Interior Announces Series of Tribal Consultations in Recognition of the Importance of Nation-to-Nation Relationship
— Red Lake Nation News

Wet'suwet'en totem symbol

Callout for Supporters at Unist’ot’en

The Unist’ot’en Healing Centre is seeking supporters who can stay at camp for at least two months. People with strong communication skills, a willingness to work hard doing dishes, shoveling snow, and other necesary tasks and a commitment to the struggle for indigenous sovereignty are encouraged to apply!

Learn more about spending time at camp and apply here

Local and Regional Newsletters

National/International News

Electric vehicle owners drive them much less than gas-powered cars

In California, half as much.
— Yahoo News

Biden’s Civilian Climate Corps comes straight out of the New Deal

One of the most popular programs from the New Deal is making a comeback.
— Grist

Canada will be Biden’s ally in tackling the climate crisis

Canada implements its first-ever national climate plan — the Pan-Canadian Framework.

People should be alarmed‘:
air pollution in US subway systems stuns researchers

Some stations in the Northeast clocked the kind of pollution levels researchers typically find near large wildfires.
— The Guardian

The ‘environmental crime of the century’ solved

“If we had been asleep at the wheel, it could have been a real problem.”
— Grist

Republicans want to plant 1 trillion trees — and then log them

“only a fraction of the carbon stored in a standing tree” remains within wood products.

How one woman’s big, bold idea is making climate a moral issue for Jews

Last month, more than 5,500 people gathered online for the inaugural Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest.
— Grist

Ten Years Ago, Ecuadorian Communities Won a Historic $9.5B Victory Against Chevron

Imbalance of power and environmental racism have so far allowed them to escape paying up

Amazon Watch.

New Framework to Assess How Wildlife Management Activities and Weather Patterns are Driving Contact Rates in Elk

New Mapping Tool Predicts Future Conifer Declines After Wildfires in the Western United States

Advancing the National Fish, Wildlife, and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy into a New Decade
Report Now Available
— Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

National Newsletters

Insider - The Sierra Club's Official Newsletter.
Green banner and tree logo.
The New York Times.
Climate Forward Newsletter.

Flash flood in the Himalayas

Inside the Movement logo
Formerly YEARS
From The Economist.
The Climate Issue Newsletter.
The best of our climate-change analysis, delivered every fortnight.
Endangered Earth February 2021. Polar Bear leaping between ice floats.

Climate in Politics

Biden’s Executive Action Blueprint

How is our new President’s plan progressing?
— Climate Hawks Vote

Biden’s New Climate

A running log of environmental and climate actions from the Biden administration.
— Moyers on Democracy


You’re sad, I’m sad, we’re all sad. Is there a way out?

Q. How can I get others out of a funk if I am deep in one too?

Drawings of folks in their dark clouds.
Grist / Amelia Bates

Book cover, The Ministry for the Future. By Kim Stanley Robinson.

The Ministry for the Future
— Wikipedia
The Ministry for the Future
— Orbit Books – Publisher
The Ministry for the Future
— Good Reads

Acclaimed science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson has returned to Earth from Mars, 2140 and 2312, to tell our story of the next decade or two from inside the Ministry for the Future, an advocacy committee which originated from the Paris Climate Accords and the global failure to meaningfully affect the climate.

Events, causes, solutions, advocacy, civil disobedience, finance both national and global, politics, technology, anarchy and power structures are deeply examined for their efficacy as the Ministry attempts to cajole and coerce governments to mitigate their carbon production.

I can see why this is reportedly one of Barack Obama’s favorite books of 2020. Ministry for the Future has scope that would make sense to a former president, while focusing on the experiences of individual characters to explain the meaning to those of us who are less well versed.

If I could get policymakers, and citizens, everywhere to read just one book this year, it would be Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Ministry for the Future.”

—Ezra Klein
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