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Green finance with Jessie Martin of Carbon WA

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A podcast about sustainability and innovation in business and government.

Cities Across Europe Are Making Space for Nature

Parks and people in the city, idealized.
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Through the process of rewilding, cities can improve both human and environmental health.


LETTER: Pope and climate change

By Sherry Schaaf
— Peninsula Daily News

Only the nonreligious believe in climate change, Cal?”

Cal Thomas: There’s no beef in Bill Gates’ climate wokeness

…the latest religion for the non-religious, which would be ‘climate change’.”

A U.N. report summarizing the most recent climate action plans of countries participating in the Paris Agreement predicts that current national climate pledges will only reduce 2010 emissions levels by 0.5 percent by 2030. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projects that global emissions need to fall by 45 percent in that timeframe in order to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees F).
By Cameron Oglesby | Grist

Regional Actions

Creating a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle pilot sales and use tax exemption program.

Now, it’s on to the House
Contact your Representative

Let the Senate know that you agree that #CleanFuelsNow is important to you!
— Climate Reality Project

Help us get an additional
2500 signatures

Reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuel.
— Washington Conservation Voters

Let’s get it out of Senate Committee!

Contact your legislator today in support of Clean & Just transportation! Banner with bus at stop.
— Washington Environmental Council

House Bill 1099

Improving the state’s climate response
— Climate Alliance
Olympic Climate Action logo

Climate & Energy Forum
2021 Federal Climate Legislation

Derek Kilmer, U.S. Rep., 6th District
Maria Cantwell, U.S. Senator, (invited)

Wednesday, Mar. 10 | 5 pm — 6 pm PT

Port Anteles, Washington. Where the Mountains Meet the Sea.

Participate in the 2020-21 Shoreline Master Program Review

National Actions

Stop this toxic treaty now

To world governments and all signatories to the Energy Charter Treaty:
As world citizens, we call on you to pull out of the Energy Charter Treaty and stop its expansion to other countries. The treaty is incompatible with the Paris Climate Agreement, and it allows coal, oil and gas corporations to obstruct our transition to a clean energy future. It’s time to disarm fossil fuel firms now, so they can no longer impede urgent climate action and put their interest above our public health and security.
— AVAAZ – The World in Action

This series of five FREE 1.5 hour trainings is to ground us in shared principles and empower us to take bolder and more strategic action.

Skilling up for Climate Action. demonstration signs.
Call on the Biden administration to take bold climate action on cars and power plants. Act Now.


Call Representative Derek Kilmer

Phone calls are on the most effective ways to put pressure on public officials.

Demand President Biden take action to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies for good

ExxonMobil Baytown refinery and petrochemical complex in Baytown, Texas. Oil tanks as far as the eye can see.
ExxonMobil Baytown refinery and petrochemical complex in Baytown, Texas.

Watch, Listen, Discuss:
The Pollinators Documentary & What’s at Stake
Wednesday, Mar. 10 | 3:30 pm PT

Stop deforestation in order to prevent the next pandemic

oregon wild action alert

US Climate Strategy Must Protect Forests

Just Recovery Gathering on April 9-10-11

Blue 350 logo

The Global Just Recovery Gathering is a three-day online event featuring interactive workshops, cultural sessions, and hands-on trainings

350 Just Recovery Gathering logo

Join us in designing a new path towards a better future for all.

Pre-register today

This event will feature a powerful line-up of climate leaders from all over the world, including Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva and many, many more.

Local/Regional News

Oregon’s logging industry says it can’t afford new taxes

But prices have never been higher and profits are soaring.
— OregonLive | The Oregonian

Bill Gates, Climate Warrior. And Super Emitter

The billionaire’s new book, a bid to be taken seriously as a climate campaigner, has attracted the usual worshipful coverage. When will the media realize that with Gates you have to follow the money?
— The Nation

National/International News

-Free Online Event-

Saint Helena Forum logo

Restoring our oceans
in one generation

Photos of Alexantra Cousteay and Meghan Brosnan.

Wednesday, Mar. 24 | 5:30 pm — 6:30 pm PT

Most of our planet is covered by a vast blue expanse that holds 97% of our water and 80% of all life forms. The ocean surrounds and sustains us, providing the oxygen for every second breath we take, food for almost half of humanity, and critical resources for human health, leisure and energy production.

A Clean Energy Milestone: Renewables Pulled Ahead of Coal in 2020

Low costs of wind and solar power helped renewables pass coal in electricity generation; gas remains the leader.
— Inside Climate News

Renewables and Gas Rise, Coal Falls. Line chart with coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewables 2011-2020

US energy storage market shatters quarterly deployment record

More batteries powered up in 2020 than in 2013 through 2019 combined
— Wood Makenzie

Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest in a millennium, say scientists

Decline in system underpinning Gulf Stream could lead to more extreme weather in Europe and higher sea levels on US east coast.
— The Guardian

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hazard Mitigation Program is not working

Only 65 percent of the money allocated to states under the program was actually spent.
— E&E News

The Electric Vehicle tax credit can save you thousands — if you’re rich enough

Almost 80 percent of the credits are claimed by people making at least $100k a year.
— Grist

Will the climate crisis tap out the Colorado River?

Water availability is going from bad to worse in the seven states that rely on the drought-stricken river.
— High Country News

‘Solidarity, not charity’:
Mutual aid groups are filling gaps in Texas’ crisis response
— Grist

A Return to Science: Evidence-Based Estimates of the Benefits of Reducing Climate Pollution
— The White House

French climate bill set for rocky ride after citizens’ assembly slams weak ambition
— Climate Home News

Report: Nobody talks about ‘global warming’ anymore

Big news: Global warming is over.
Just the phrase itself, though.
— Grist

Testing Justice: New Ways to Address Environmental Inequalities
— Solutions

One Earth Film Festival
Will be the midwest premiere of

Dammed to Extinction. Orca chasing salmon.


Climate Awakening. Image of a rising sun.

Sign up here for a Climate Emotions Conversation

Saturday, March 6 | 12 pm
Thursday, March 11 | 5 pm
Thursday, March 18 | 5 pm

Yarns from the Farm blog.
Nan Bray sitting with her shepherd dog, in front of her sheep and hillside in Tasmania, AU.

A note to my Yarns from the Farm Readers—I’ve started another series for our local newspaper on biodiversity. This is the first installment.”

Cheers, Nan

View A Climate Basics Series

Sheep at edge of herd, grazing upward on a bush.

Biodiversity Introduction

“In the next few Science Insights we’ll explore the meaning and importance of biodiversity—literally “life variety”.  We’ll put it into context in Tasmania’s agricultural as well as world heritage environments, and examine ways to preserve and enhance it.”

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