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Hi all – We have six weeks to get a great Clean Renewable Energy Standard in the U.S. House American Jobs Act.  This can change history if we unite and focus. 

Please see the list below of TWO important committees below.  Please reply if you want to help organize in any of these or fill out this Adopt-A-District form. Now’s the time to turn passion into power! 

1. Review Corporate Donor Link ( – see which groups donate..
2. Check Individual Donors from Fed. Election Commission.  
See who their major donors are in the community.  Find the one that supports Climate action.
3.  Check their Campaign Page (link in sheet below).
Contact their Campaign Manager, other key roles (Finance Chair, Community Organizer).  Figure out who you know that knows these folks better..
4.  Post on your FB page:  “Does anyone have connections to Congressman/woman X, or know someone who does?”
5.  Join Monday Night EARTH CORE Meetings. 8 pm ET.
6.  Adopt-Your-District today, or join an existing team.
7.  Take Earth Bill Pledge.  Groups.  Citizens.
8.  Do this for your own District too.  Every vote counts!

ASK:  Support The Earth Bill, and the inclusion of a “Clean Renewable Energy Standard” in the American Jobs Act that requires 100% wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, wave, and existing hydropower.

SAMPLE EMAIL to Congress.

RepresentativePartyDistrictHouse CommitteeDonorsCampaign Website
Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-05Energy & Commerce (Ranking)
Kim SchrierDWA-08Energy & Commerce


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