Hot Off the Wire — 5/29/2021


The planet depends on it.


Jonathon Porritt Climate Talk

Climate Change; The Decisive Decade
Talk by the legend Jonathon Porritt
Thursday, June 3 | 9:30 — 11 am PT

Climate Crisis is Here. We have a plan to fight back.

Shattering Records,
Climate Disasters Fueled Misery in 2020

Young kids holding a banner.

The Climate Kids Are Alright:
How Nine Girls Beat the Oil Industry in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Australian Court Rules Government Has Duty to Protect Young People from Climate Disaster

Australian lawyer and young clients.

Greenpeace helped hold Shell liable for damaging the climate

Greenpeace Deadline May 31. Whale swimming away from the camera.

Make TRIPLE the impact for our planet!

Skilling Up for Climate Action banner

Videos and Slide Shows for the entire series.

Growing Climate Justice:
The recipe for a just and sustainable future


Is 1.5 Degrees Still Possible?

By David Wallace-Wells
May 21, 2021
— New York Intelligencer

COVID Resources

The International Olympic Committee is a not-for-profit independent international organization made up of volunteers, which is committed to building a better world through sport.

International Olympic Committee
IOC Top Sponsors.
IOC Top Sponsors

IOC forcing Japan, and Tokyo to stage Olympics when 80% of Japanese oppose

Tokyo demonstration. Cancel the Tokyo Olympics. Olympics KILL the Poor.
— DemocracyNow! interview

Athletes must sign to absolve IOC from harm,
even if the athlete dies from COVID-19.

Regional Actions

National Actions

Local/Regional News

The City of Port Angeles is working toward an inventory of its Greenhouse Gas contributions to our atmosphere. There seems to be some controversy over the urgency of the effort. The report on the right, talks about this very process.

Early signs signal a disastrous wildfire season in the West

Around 84 percent of the western U.S. is under some level of drought.
— PBS News Hour

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit

Meet the Challenges of a Changing Climate

Learn about potential climate hazards so you can protect vulnerable assets. 

Report: Climate-resilient Infrastructure
— Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

  • Executive Summary
  • 1. Defining climate-resilient infrastructure
  • 2. Planning and designing climate-resilient infrastructure
  • 3. Strengthening the enabling environment for climate-resilient infrastructure
  • 4. Mobilizing investment in climate-resilient infrastructure
  • 5. Coverage of infrastructure in national climate risk assessments in OECD and G20 countries
  • 6. Useful tools and reports
  • 7. References

National/International News


Ed Fallon photo.
Ed Fallon

(01:35) Questioning Biden’s commitment to climate action
(13:06) Abortion debate heats up at state and federal level
(26:05) Understanding capital gains taxation
(38:36) Public education under attack
(51:21) Woodlice and loopers and squirrels, oh my! 

LCV Climate Victory Summit, June 9-10.
  • Wednesday, June 9 | 12:00 PT: Elections Have Consequences: Combatting the Climate Crisis Here and Now followed by a Climate Victory Council Meet and Greet
  • Wednesday, June 9 | 1:30 PT: Our Democracy is Worth Fighting For
  • Thursday, June 10 | 12:00 PT: Climate Leaders in Conversation: Jobs, Justice, and a Clean Energy Future

2021 Summit Full Agenda


Ordinary people
trying to save the world

New film depicts the lives and struggles of climate activists.
— The Raven

Film poster-Race to Save the World.
Click to enlarge

Interview with Editors Angie Dell & Joey Eschrich. Photos of each.
Burning Worlds-Climate Change in Art and Literature. Green earth in book of flames.

Editor, Burning Worlds

Yarns from the Farm blog.
Nan Bray sitting with her shepherd dog, in front of her sheep and hillside in Tasmania, AU.

A note to my Yarns from the Farm Readers—I’ve started another series for our local newspaper on biodiversity…”

Cheers, Nan

View the Biodiversity Series
View A Climate Basics Series

Hilly scrub countryside of Tasmania, AU

5. Enhancing Biodiversity: Taming Gorse

If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.
—Thumper from ‘Bambi’

“Surprisingly, there are several nice things I can say about gorse, despite its notorious dominance in the woody weed stakes for Tasmania.”

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