$$ to improve your home, reduce your bills!

Graphic of house with energy efficiency grid.

From OCA member Dave Large, here’s a list of incentives for reducing home-related energy usage offered by the federal government, Washington State, the City of Port Angeles, and the Clallam County PUD. Incentives cover many aspects of a home, from simple to more complex, including insulation, windows, space heating and appliances, photovoltaic, solar hot water, fuel cell technology, and more. The federal and state level incentives have changed considerably following the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 and, as of the last update of this document, are not fully documented, so readers are encouraged to check the relevant websites for updated information, but per the IRA, most of the federal tax credits listed below will be in effect through 2032.

Here’s also a guide from the New York Times, covering EVs as well.

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