Hot Off the Wire — 11/1/2019


Join the podcast as we uncover the mechanics of the longest-running and most elaborate propaganda campaign of the century
—the creation and spread of climate change denial—
and why it’s been so effective

Getting Mad about Climate Change with Emily Atkin

Mark Blyth’s State of the Union transcript — Radio Open Source
Deep analysis of inequality, austerity, and popular unrest.

Legal Rights for the Salish Sea

Dr. Kriss Kevorkian, will be presenting on Environmental Grief at the Patagonia Store in Seattle (2100 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98121) on Thursday, November 7th from 7-9PM. 

Rights of nature will be part of the discussion. Please plan to attend if possible, and spread the word to your friends and through social media.

If you have any questions or need a ride, please let me know.


Indigenous Fire Science and Management
Colonization, Fire Suppression, and Indigenous Resurgence in the Face of Climate Change — Yes! Magazine

The Harmonious Grid
The Northwest electric system and the embrace of customer-side resources

Solar Workforce Diversity
in Oregon and Washington

Regional Actions

VOTE !! Washington Conservation Voters Endorsements

Will you sign this petition demanding long-term protections of the Arctic Refuge?

What IS Local 20/20 in PT

Public Meet and Greet
— Sunday afternoon, November 10
— 1–4pm at the Port Townsend Community Center

We hope to see you there!

Hear our strategy on fostering clean energy

National Actions

Tell your representative to vote YES on three critical bills to protect our treasured public lands from destruction! — NRDC Action Fund
— Chaco Cultural Heritage Protection Act
— Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act
— Colorado Outdoor Recreation & Economy (CORE) Act

Send a message urging your representative to vote YES to protect the Grand Canyon, Chaco Canyon, and Colorado public lands — Sierra Club

Sign this petition now to keep the momentum alive and send a clear message to world governments: it’s time to make corporate polluters pay — Action Network

Help power our work from now through Election Day 2020 — NRDC Action Fund
Double your impact with matching funds up to $60,000.

Local/Regional News

Pomo villagers are “guerrilla gatherers” in Fort Bragg, CA. — Hakai Magazine

In 1851, after California became a state, Governor Peter Burnett declared in an address to the state legislature, “That a war of extermination will continue to be waged between the races until the Indian race becomes extinct must be expected.”

National/International News

350 Celebrates a decade of action, see the Timeline

Water Warriors is the story of a community’s successful fight to protect their water from the oil and natural gas industry.

Big Oil continues to push hard for legislation to punish peaceful, non-violent pipeline protesters — Bold Iowa

The companies ranked
are all part of the
Sustainable Apparel Coalition,
the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action,
or the G7 Fashion Pact
— including Levi’s, American Eagle, Burberry, H&M and Gap.



Port Book and News Friday, November 1st at 7 pm
Seattle Times Environment Reporter Lynda Mapes

An intimate look at one majestic hundred-year-old oak tree through four seasons–and the reality of global climate change it reveals.

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