How do you become an Intersectionalist?

It starts within each of our guts, hearts, minds and souls.  It is the “White Supremacy, Colonialist, Industrialist, Militaristic, Mysoginistic, Zenophobic, Capitalist, Consumerist, Patriarchal, Power-Over”  STORY. 

Each of us has to take an unsparing look into our own “frameworks” of basic beliefs and HOW THESE FEED INTO SUPPORTING the systems we have all come to think of as “normal” (at least in this Country and the “modern” Western world).

While we each might be “sparks of the divine” in our energetic selves . . . our physical bodies are OF THIS EARTH and FOR THIS EARTH.  We are here to be “Care-takers” of this Earth, ALL Her “more-than-human Beings”, and our fellow humans.  We first must truly integrate this TRUTH, then “look thru this lens” in everything we do and all the systems that we interact with.

This means that the “world” we “Western modern” countries have known MUST CHANGE from the very FOUNDATIONS  . . . not just in the ways we narrowly, and comfortably want them to . . . but at some very basic ways that will be very uncomfortable for those of us that have benefited from this “story” (whether we wanted to or not . . .whether we realized it or not….)

For me, Indigenous Wisdom and ways of looking at our world have been very powerful in helping me “shift” my perspective and change “the story” I feel in myself. It has brought clarity to being able to SEE this old “power-over” story where-ever it manifests, and consider how I might dis-engage from those systems/structures and choose the more integrated, connected “story” option. The Pachamama Alliance ( is the group that for me integrates this.

No one can do it all . . . AND there is so much good showing up in the world . . .We are living in transformational times . . so we must “buckle up” (emotionally) and learn to “dance” with the changes . . . . 


Written by an OCA member under the pen name, Shambhala Warrior Emerging

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