Seattle Cruise Control Update

Greetings, Seattle Cruise Control Supporters!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had at least two positive consequences:

  1. The entire 2020 Seattle-to-Alaska cruise season — all 233 ships — has been cancelled.
  2. Work has stopped on the new cruise terminal at T46! However, a pause is not the same as a cancellation: the Port of Seattle Director has stated that “when it’s safe to cruise again, we want to be ready.”

Now is a good time to double down on our demands for action in the face of climate collapse, public health emergencies, and systemic racial inequities:

  • Please ask five to ten of your friends to sign the petition that you signed (the last paragraph has changed to reflect the new circumstances). We’d like to get a whole new slew of folks to sign by September 15th.
  • Please also sign’s petition to the CDC to extend the no-sail order for cruise ships until they clean up their act!

Numbers matter! Last February, an approved plan to expand an airport in Bristol, England, was stopped when more than 8,000 people objected! They successfully argued that the damage the expansion would cause to the climate, the health of local residents, and plant and animal life outweighed the narrower benefits the expansion would bring. This is exactly our stance regarding expanding the cruise industry in Seattle.

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Thank you for adding your voice to the growing groundswell of objections to these monster ships and the damage they cause everywhere they sail.

In solidarity,
Stacy, for 350 Seattle and Seattle Cruise Control

p.s. Seattle Cruise Control in the news: A recent hour-long interview on Portland radio station KBOO featured Seattle Cruise Control member Elizabeth Burton and climate scientist Heather Price! Tune in to hear our wide-ranging discussion of the harmful impacts of cruising and why we oppose a third cruise terminal in Seattle.

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