Hot Off the Wire — 8/25/2019


You Can’t Put Capitalism Over Sustainability—
and Other Lessons From China
— Yes! Magazine

Humanity’s existential crisis can be resolved only when we the people stand united
behind a vision of the world we truly want.

For a Greener New Deal and Cooler Climate, Focus on Food and Agriculture — Yes!

H’20 Howie Hawkins — Green for President
Is for an Ecosocialist Green New Deal

Howie believes that the way to interrupt climate change is through a plan of economic democracy
that upholds the rights of humans and nature.

Can humanity survive without the Amazon rainforest? — Salon
Massive fires in the Amazon rainforest, a result of far-right policies,
call humanity’s survival into question


Farming underwater: 3D solutions for land and sea | Earthrise

Vertical ocean farms that can feed us and help our seas — TED

Regional Actions

Learn how to craft your story to make our movement stronger — Greenpeace

March with Puyallup Tribe and Water Warriors — August 27
March and Rally event Ancestral Waters film event
Volunteer to help with the hearing day activities

Send in your comment to urge PSCAA to reject the permit for the Tacoma LNG project!​

National Actions

Make the call: we are demanding a real climate debate — 350.action

Join the fight to #DefendTheAmazon – Web based call to action
— Background on what is worsening the fires, and an update on conditions;
— Tips for planning a gathering outside your local Brazilian embassy, and
— Tools for continuing the work in your own community.

Climate Strike Training Webinars —

Call on Zurich to take action now and help make Trans Mountain un-insurable!
— Washington Environmental Counc

Local/Regional News

Energy Activist Online
Sightline’s Latest Original Work

National/International News

RSVP for the Endangered Species Act defense webinar now! — Sierra Club

Bernie Sanders Unveils $16 Trillion Green New Deal To Combat Climate Crisis — HuffPost

August 2019 Newsletter — Youth in action
The Latest News


Living in Two Worlds:
Capitalism Pretends All Is Well While the World Is Burning
As the climate crisis escalates, we must develop strategies for living
while recognizing the contradictions at hand.

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