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Letter to the Editor: Climate Assembly as Cooperative Example

Peninsula Daily News | January 19, 2021

COVID Resources

PBS News Hour

5 reasons to wear a mask even after you’re vaccinated

2020 in Review:
Stories on Climate Change, COVID-19 budgets, and the election


50 countries vow to protect 30 percent of land and sea by 2030

Top U.S. officials were notably absent, as were the leaders of Russia, India and Brazil.
— PBS News Hour

Unlock Your Cycling Fitness Goals by Fixing Up Your Bike

Don’t blow your savings on a new bicycle. Instead, learn how to better maintain the one you’ve already got and upgrade some key components along the way.
— Wired

Climate Solutions.
Accelerating the transition to our clean energy future.
Living cleaner: cities shift to all-electric buildings

What Would It Take to Run a City on 100 Percent Clean Energy?
— Wired/Grist

The Washington Climate Assembly

Next — Saturday Session #3
Environment & climate mitigation

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Tuesday’s Learning Session #2
Social issues & climate mitigation

Regional Actions

Climate Alliance-Resilient Future logos

We need a #ResilientFuture!

Contact your legislators today and ask them to support our Resilient Future Priorities

Support the Healthy Environment for All Act!

Standing between the northern spotted owl and extinction

Clean & Just Transportation logo

We need to build a #CleanAndJust transportation system in #WA that works for everyone

A message from
Meeting times have changed. Stained Hour Glass.

We’re reworking the meeting schedule to focus on the substantive work.  Please see the new schedule.  Thanks everyone!

New Meeting Schedule

  1. SATURDAY. Once a month, not weekly. NOON. Generally 2nd Saturday of the Month.
    Dates: Jan 23. Then 2nd Sat: Feb. 13. March 13. April 10. May 15. Attend Direct Link.
  2. WEDNESDAY. Once a month, only. NOON.
    Generally 4th Wednesday of the Month.
    Dates: Jan 27. Then 4th Wed: Feb. 24. March 24. April 28. May 26. Register.
  3. NO CORE TEAM Monday nights.
climate impacts group logo. Blue backed land and water.

Building Climate Resilience During COVID-19 Recovery

January 27 Virtual Panel Line-up Announced

Free the Vote. Get invloved at Green hands raised.

Support the Voting Rights Restoration Bill
(HB 1078 and SB 5086)

Thank Governor Inslee and Ecology for saying no to Kalama methanol refinery.
— Washington Environmental Council

Climate-friendly buildings are within reach

Supporting the Healthy Homes and Clean Buildings bill for its first hearing on Friday, Jan. 22 at 10am
— Climate Solutions

National Actions

Sign the petition:
Stand with Deb Haaland

She’s a historic choice to lead the Department of the Interior.

Biden must keep his promise to stop DAPL expansion

Update on Biden’s first day in Office

Call on the Biden Administration to Take Bold Action in its First 100 Days


Tell President Biden: #StopLine3 pipeline

BlackRock: Tiny steps on Climate are not enough. Stop the money pipeline.
Stop the Money Pipeline

Tell Biden: Adopt a Climate Test

Blue 350 logo

It’s not enough to stop one single pipeline — we must go further and think bigger —  we must implement a climate test for all fossil fuel projects.

Join us this coming Tuesday, January 26th at 8pm ET / 5pm PT for the #BuildBackFossilFree Digital Rally

Stop the Money Pipeline logo

Biden and Congress: Take Climate Action Now

Send 10 immediate demands of the Biden Administration and Congress to tackle in their first 100 days.

Local/Regional News

For tribes, climate change fight is about saving culture

The Tulalips are expanding efforts to protect land and water that are integral to their identity.
— HearldNet

Wildfires Produced Up To Half Of Pollution In Western U.S. In Recent Years, Stanford / UC Study Finds

The findings underscore the growing public health threat posed by climate change as it contributes to catastrophic wildfires.
— CBS San Fransisco

Will states use the Capitol riot to crack down on pipeline protests?

In the riot’s aftermath, Ohio quietly joined a dozen states that have legislated harsh new penalties for environmental activism.
— Grist

Northwest’s Salmon Population May Be Running Out of Time

The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office found that some salmon species are “on the brink of extinction.”

2020 State of Salmon in Watersheds
Executive Summary
December 2020

Young people can do more than organize.

We can also help make climate policy

Large youth at table facing small politician.

Local and Regional Newsletters

National/International News

NASA logo.

Is NASA about to get its first female leader?

No woman has led NASA in its 62-year history.

World Population in 2100, by Country

Top 10 Countries by Population. A moving bar-graph showing both India and Nigeria overtaking China between 2017 and 2100.

Both by Visual Capitalist

Study: Warming already baked in will blow past climate goals

This is a discussion of the report from 2-weeks ago, for which only the summary was available.
— Associated Press

UN report:
Climate change means more weather disasters every year

— causing 2 million deaths and racking up $3.6 trillion worth of economic costs.
— PBS News Hour

‘Science Moms’ campaign seeks to make climate change personal for Americans

Campaign aims to harness mothers’ concern for their children to spur lagging action on climate change in the United States.
— Thomson Reuters Foundation

Young mother lifting-up child on arm with a fist.

Thomsen Reuters Fundation logo. The name with spiral.
Posterized bust of a smiling Joe Biden.

Biden presidency sets stage for wider global advances on climate policy

End of the Trump era could lead to shifts in climate debate in bodies from the World Trade Organization to the G7.

A protestor holds up a sign during BLM march in London, Britain, June 28, 2020.

OPINION: What does 2021 hold for Black Lives Matter?

This year, we should not be satisfied with surface level cosmetic change. We must pay attention to who really takes the difficult – and often less public – steps to materially improve people’s lives.

Biden rejoining the Paris Agreement, explained

2020 was the hottest year on record

We’ll remember it as one of the century’s coldest.
— Grist

Creating a More Just Climate Future for Those on the Front Lines

The Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act accounts for the unjust burden that climate change poses to communities of color.

Grape Crop Brings in Millions, but Farm Workers Live a Harsh Life

Vineyards well watered, while people struggle for water.
— circle of blue

Choose Democracy’s whirlwind effort to prevent a coup is a crash course in good organizing

Being part of the team that trained 10,000 people to defend the election taught me five principles I want to practice going forward.
— Eileen Flanagan

The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest

The festival is free and open to all:
no experience or prior knowledge required.

Acknowledging Climate Change as a Central Moral Issue of our Community

Donations Welcome to Support Important Work in our Community Happening Now.
The Festival is free!

The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest logo. Words on blue square.

A federal appeals court has struck down President Trump’s industry-friendly Affordable Clean Energy, or ACE

That means that the new president can craft emissions regulations from scratch.
— Grist

A recent investigation of zip code-level health data shows that people living in low-income communities are more likely to get sick from heat-related illness.

“Zip codes do determine your health, and most of that is because of structural racism.”
— Mother Jones

Climate in Politics

Presidents Say the Darndest Things

Tiny windows, exploding dishwashers, and other lies Trump told about the environment — illustrated.
— Grist

Backlash to the Future

How the climate movement came of age under Trump.
— Grist


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