Hot Off the Wire — 5/22/2021

Support Biden’s Infrastructure Plan
DEADLINE: May 24 8:00am
This Monday

While you’re on the call with our Senators’ staffers, tell them: “The “moderate Republican” infrastructure plan is a joke – eliminate the filibuster and pass a real recovery act!”

Hello, I’m [NAME] from [CITY] and I’m calling to ask the Senator not to negotiate with the Republicans on their so-called infrastructure plan. Their plan is less than a quarter of the size of Joe Biden’s plan, which was already too small. The American people can’t afford to waste time negotiating with such a non-serious starting offer. Pass a real infrastructure plan with budget reconciliation or by eliminating the filibuster, and move quickly!

Major parties’ climate programs are miles apart

Vastly different climate approaches outlined by Biden and House GOP members.

Gina McCarthy. The Path Forward-Renewable Energy.

The Path Forward: Renewable Energy with White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy

This short and forward-looking interview informs why we need the Infrastructure Bill, and answers the hard questions about how to implement it.


Joe Biden’s climate goal is a ‘moonshot’ and we won’t get there without the private sector

Incremental progress is no longer an option to tackle the climate crisis, says Tom Steyer. We need to radically transform every corner of our society and economy now.
— Independent, UK

Letter to Congress
for 697 Organizations

Congress should enact a Federal Renewable Electricity Standard and reject gas and false climate solutions.

The green schism threatening Biden’s climate plan

Left-wing climate and environmental justice activists believe it isn’t ambitious enough.
— Politico

Toward Eco-Social Justice

The disconnection and buried shame that hold us back.
— Yes! Magazine

The Fight to Define What ‘Clean’ Energy Means

Solar field and Wind Turbines
These are clean energy. Environmentalists don’t agree on what else is. Photo: Sean Gallup (Getty Images) — Gizmodo

Regional Actions

Lummi Nation totem carver Sit ki kadem, also called Doug James, explains the meaning of the elements of a totem that is traveling the United States on its way to Washington, D.C., during a stop on Tuesday at the Lower Elwha Reservation near Port Angeles.
Keith Thorpe/Peninsula Daily News

Traveling Totem to depart Port Angeles
Tuesday, May 25
— Peninsula Daily News

#RedRoadToDC «•» West Coast Tour
— Our Shared Responsibility: A Totem Pole Journey

Governor Inslee is signing SB 5126, Climate Commitment Act this afternoon — and we’re told he’s vetoing the Tribal provisions protecting sacred sites and cultural resources from projects funded by cap and trade revenue.

Please call Governor Inslee’s office at 360-902-4111 and tell him, do not veto the carefully negotiated provisions related to Tribal consultation and the protection of their sacred sites. For extra impact, write him a message here.

Next, please use this bill comment form for SB 5126 to tell all three of your Legislators that vetoing the Tribal consultation provisions in SB 5126 is a betrayal of Tribal engagement on the bill.

Thank you for taking action in solidarity with Tribes,
— David and the CAT rapid response team

Clean and Affordable Energy Conference. June 2 and 10.

Panelists will discuss how to address regulatory barriers to decarbonizing utilities, and how stakeholders can engage in the NW Power Council’s regional planning processes to support clean, affordable, and reliable service for all Northwest communities.

Sierra Forum National Event. Showing outdoor activity fun.

Wednesday, June 2 | Noon PT

National Actions

Blue 350 logo

Federal Reserve Campaign briefing
Wednesday, May 26 | 5 pm PT

What’s it all about? One Pager.

Tell Biden:
Nominate a climate leader as Fed Chair

Register here to join our first Climate Disasters Working Group meeting on June 8

If you are interested in being part of this space or have any questions, please reach out to Amira Odeh at

Break Free from Plastic
— Greenpeace

Webinar. Discover a Hidden Gem in the Western Arctic.
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Tuesday, May 25 | 4 pm PT

National Campaign for Transit Justice.

Congress Must Act: Pass the Freedom to Move Act

Stop the Money Pipeline logo

Tell Insurance Companies: The Trans Mountain Pipeline Isn’t Worth the Risk

Earth Bill Network Logo

Support The Earth Bill

Yellow Sunrise Movement logo

The Sunrise Movement Needs YOU

No GeoPark Oil Drilling in the Amazon.

Thank the United Nations Development Program for Listening to Indigenous Peoples and severing its ties with GeoPark!

President Biden: Protect Se. James Parish. #StopFormosaPlastics. Three youth holding a banner in the wind.
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Ask Biden to revoke the permit for Formosa Plastics

Can you help us shape the direction of Fire Drill Fridays in 2021?
Take a moment to answer our quick survey now!

Climate in Politics

LCV Climate Victory Council Summit

All three of the Summit sessions happening June 8-10 are going to be intimate conversations with expert speakers, changemakers and you
— League of Conservation Voters

Local/Regional News

‘Timber Wars’ bonus episode: Big money bought the forest
— Oregon Public Broadcasting

‘Timber Wars’ bonus episode: Wildfire

Climate on Tap Continues
Mon. June 7th
“Taming Bigfoot – and beyond!” 

For further information email Laura Tucker or call 360-379-4491

Juan de Fuca Festival. A reimagined clebration. May 28 -- 31
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May 28-31 – Memorial Day Weekend

Stand With Puyallup This #FrackOffFriday

Line of Kayaktivists holding banner, late dusk, reflecting in the water -- Respect Puyallup Tribe. Keep the LNG Facility OFF!
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#StandWithPuyallup Social Media Storm

Indigenous leaders resisting Line 3

have invited people from across the country to join them at the Treaty People Gathering in northern Minnesota from June 5 – 8. This will be a two day direct action, with training for participants. Camping and food will be offered to participants.

There’s a group of us from PNW working on turnout and local logistics. — 350 Seattle

  • * If you are working on turnout in your area and want to join the organizers thread, email me (
  • * If you are heading to Treaty People join the PNW Signal thread. E-mail me with your # and I’ll add you.
  • * If you’re in Seattle or Spokane, you can take a bus for $25! Buy your tickets ASAP (only for vaccinated people).
  • * Use this Group Carpool to offer/find a ride to MN.

National/International News

Net-zero home in Indigenous community wins UW students award from U.S. Department of Energy

Members of the Warrior Home team placed second at a competition run by U.S. Department of Energy — CBC IMPACT Report banner
Your gifts in action.

Map of Six Tribal youth projects. SW U.S. coastline and most of Alabama.
The locations of the six tribal youth projects.
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Uncovering the Asian American Old West

Asian American Old West. Five children, including four who are Chinese, standing in front of a building in Deadwood, first established as a mining town in South Dakota, undated.
Five children, including four who are Chinese, standing in front of a building in Deadwood, South Dakota. Photo from Deadwood History Inc.

Asian Americans were conveniently written out of history about the Old West. But they were present—and prolific.


Yarns from the Farm blog.
Nan Bray sitting with her shepherd dog, in front of her sheep and hillside in Tasmania, AU.

A note to my Yarns from the Farm Readers—I’ve started another series for our local newspaper on biodiversity…”

Cheers, Nan

View the Biodiversity Series
View A Climate Basics Series

Hilly scrub countryside of Tasmania, AU

5. Enhancing Biodiversity: Taming Gorse

If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.
—Thumper from ‘Bambi’

“Surprisingly, there are several nice things I can say about gorse, despite its notorious dominance in the woody weed stakes for Tasmania.”

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