Middle school video contest

For middle school parents and teachers on the North Olympic Peninsula: To supplement the national contest described below, Olympic Climate Action is offering a $50 cash prize for the best short (30-120 seconds) video on climate change submitted by a middle-school student on the North Olympic Peninsula.  Rules: ·         Entries must have been submitted to …

Photos from Plant-for-the-Planet

Here are some images from Presidents Day week 2014, when Mike, Zoe, and Stella Foster came to the Olympic Peninsula as climate ambassadors, visiting schools and planting trees and shrubs. Link to video:  "Here's a worm"

OCA joins U.S. Climate Action Network

Today Olympic Climate Action joined the U.S. Climate Action Network, part of the worldwide Climate Action Network.  This move puts OCA in touch with other climate activists, the better to collaborate with our colleagues worldwide.

Let’s get down to work

From David W. Orr, Ecological Literacy: It is easy...to throw up one's hands and conclude with the Kentucky farmer that "you can't get there from here."  That conclusion, however, breeds self-fulfilling prophecies, fatalism, and resignation--in the face of an overwhelming need to act.  We also have the historical examples of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and …

If not us, then who?

James Adcock left these thoughts on the Sightline blog (paraphrased): http://daily.sightline.org/2013/05/07/harnessing-our-dark-optimism/ 1) Even tiny little partial successes represent saving millions of human beings from death or untold suffering, including watching their children die of starvation, heat stroke, or lack of water. 2) The morality of one’s actions is not dependent on the morality, or lack thereof, …

Comments to State Leg on proposed spill bills

OCA comments on proposed oil-spill bills to WA State Legislature Here are the letters we sent; we urge you to write as well.  Both legislators responded positively to our letters, so we're encouraged. 2014-02-03 Hargrove 2014-02-03 Tharinger

100 Demonstrate vs Keystone in Port Angeles & Port Townsend

Calling on President Obama to Reject Keystone XL; State Department Study Is Flawed As part of a national day of protests, Olympic Climate Action in Port Angeles and Fossil Fuel Action in Port Townsend conducted rallies on February 3, calling on President Obama to reject the controversial Keystone XL pipeline following the release of the State …

Scientific case for radical emissions reductions

The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in England just hosted a conference underscoring the point that we need to get very serious very quickly about reducing our greenhouse-gas footprint.  The conference website includes videos of all the talks, including a keynote address by Naomi Klein.

Rhetoric does not trump science

Cal Thomas is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts, to paraphrase wise words attributed to the late Senator Daniel Moynihan. In Thomas's commentary, "Ice breaking climate change fears" (published in the Peninsula Daily News on 19 September 2013), by egregiously cherry-picking data and misrepresenting facts and/or, perhaps, simple ignorance, he represents a philosophy …

Greenhouse gases soar to record levels

The amount of planet-warming greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached a record high in 2012, with rapid growth in both carbon dioxide and methane concentrations, according to a report released by the World Meteorological Organization.

World economic leader calls for broad energy policy reform

In a speech last week, the Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) called for immediate worldwide reform of economic and political policies to avert climate disaster.  Included in his speech was the imperative that we leave most existing reserves of fossil fuels in the ground and provide a credible and stable …

Send comments to State Climate Workgroup

Washington State is working on a strategy to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions statewide, and your testimony is needed by Oct. 30: Background about the State Climate Workgroup and how to submit public comments Background info from Climate Solutions Testimony submitted by OCA

Study points to spreading unlivability

Urgent time frame seen for climate change Researchers at the University of Hawaii have developed a "climate departure" index:  the year when the mean climate of any given location on Earth will shift completely outside the most extreme records experienced in the past 150 years. NBC News story Full article in the journal Nature